Aerodynamics Referrence Book

PREFACE TO SECOND EDITION: The present edition is enlarged to provide, in the first place, an introduction to the mathematical and experimental study of compressible flow, subsonic and supersonic. This and other matters now becoming prominent are not collected in a supplementary section but incorporated in place as additional articles or short chapters. Following a well-established practice, the numbering of original articles, figures and chapters is left undisturbed as far as possible, interpolations being distinguished by letter-suffixes. It is hoped this procedure will ensure a minimum of inconvenience to readers familiar with the earlier edition. To some extent the unlettered articles indicate a first course of reading, though a modern view of Aerodynamics requires consideration of Mach numbers equally with Reynolds numbers almost from the outset. Other matters now represented include various theories of thin aerofoils and the reduction of profile drag. The brief account of the laminar-flow wing is in general terms, but the author has drawn for illustrations on the conformal system, in the development of which he has shared more particularly. The original text is revised to bring it up to date, and also in the following connection. Experience incidental to the use of the book at Cambridge and London Universities isolated certain parts where the treatment was insufficiently detailed for undergraduates ; these are now suitably expanded. The aim of the book remains unchanged. It does not set out to collect and summarise the researches, test results and current practice of the subject, but rather to provide an adequate and educational introduction to a vast specialist literature in a form that will be serviceable for first and higher degrees, and like purposes, including those of the professional engineer.
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